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If you have reached this page, then you are looking for reliable and FAST web hosting for your site. Our team has tested more than 100 hosting services and selected the best hosts for a fast website that will load in 500 ms.

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Fast Hosting – Choose The Fastest Host For Your Site

Are you looking for a fast web host that can meet your criteria for creating a website? Do not worry, our team has made this resource to introduce you to the fastest hosting at the lowest prices. On our site you will find a wide range of hosting and servers that will meet your requirements: Shared Hosting, Reseller, VPS, Dedicated, Cloud Hosting and everything you need for a successful site on CMS WordPress, Drupal or Joomla. If you are looking for a cheap SSL or domain, we have prepared detailed instructions for you. To get started, you can go to the “Hosting Rating” page and choose a high-speed and cheap hosting for your website.

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Choose Fast Hosting with the Best Features!

Hosting Companies that make your job easier.

Migrate Your Site For Free

Do you want to move your site from slow hosting to fast, but do not know how to do it yourself and migrate data without errors? Don’t worry! Most hosting companies will be able to help you move your website to their servers and configure everything. In some cases, you can install SSL for free, speed up the site, and install the template on WordPress or Drupal. Just contact the technical support of a reliable hosting from our rating and you will be helped. In addition to transferring the site to a new server, you will be helped to understand the work of hosting and provide comprehensive materials on the configuration.

Get High Performance

Even a site load delay of 1 second affects the bounce rate and SEO effectiveness of the site, not to mention the fact that it reduces conversions on the site. If you want to create a fast website and a successful online business, you need to choose a fast web host for your tasks. You no longer need to choose a good host for a long time, just use our rating and reviews. Some hosting companies offer to use the SwiftServer platform. Use fast hosting on optimized servers in different countries, free SSDs, and up to 20X faster Turbo Servers!

Fast Hosting For Developers

We pay not only great attention to the speed of loading sites, but also popular software products for developers. Most of the default development programs are available from the console or CPanel: latest PHP 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 or 7.3, PostgreSQL 9.6, MySQL 5.6/MariaDB, Apache 2.4, Node.js, FTP/SFTP, SSH access and SSL.

Reliable Security and Protection Against Doss Attacks

Hacking sites are not a rare phenomenon. More than 40,000 sites are hacked every day around the world and this is a huge problem. Do not confirm your site danger and beware of questionable and free hosting. Our rating of fast web hosting will help you to choose a reliable partner. Choose a free or paid service such as HackScan Protection, which provides blocking hacks, until damage to your site. In addition, use KernelCare and update the kernel without rebooting, use the hard protection, dual firewall and other security features that the best hosting services have. Do not worry about DDoS attacks on your site, the program Reinforceddistributed helps your site to work, even when your server is under a strong attack.

SwiftServer Platform – For a Fast Website

How to achieve a high-speed site…

You already know that a high site speed Google is very important for Google rankings. In addition, if your loads in more than 1-2 seconds, visitors will not be happy and will never return to your site. Remember, creating a beautiful and convenient site is not enough for success, you still need to take care of the loading speed of the site and choose a fast web host or VPS. The hosts from our rating are not only reliable, they are still fighting for the speed and performance of their servers using SwiftServer technology.

As they say in the hosting company A2 Hosting “Our Speed. Your Success.” Hosting should be really effective and be able to expand. A2 Hosting and other hosting services use the SwiftServer platform, which allows you to achieve incredible speed on your site. If you want to have the advantage over other sites, use the new 20X technology, which speeds your site up 20 times!

Use 20X Faster Turbo Servers

Choose the most popular solution today for fast site loading – SwiftServer. We recommend you choose the tariff plan “Turbo” on hosting A2 and you will get:

  • Large resources for your server
  • Minimum number of clients on one server
  • Very high server performance compared to Apache

When you select the “Turbo” package, you also get access to the Optimized Site Accelerator function. Many hosting providers do not allow access to caching on their shared servers, but on hosting from A2 you will get a tool to configure caching to make your site load even faster. Speed and optimized hosting allow you to customize your solution for caching APC, Memcached, and Turbo Cache:

  • Turbo Cache: all HTML files of your site will be stored in Turbo Cache and work without running PHP.
  • OPcache/APC: our tests have shown that the OPcache/APC system can reduce PHP page load time by half.
  • Memcached: allows you to significantly increase the speed of MySQL databases.

Choose SSDs Hosting

Many web hosts have switched to hard disk drive SSDs, which provide a very high speed page load. Previously, hosting companies used hard drives (HDD), which significantly slowed down the work of sites. We recommend choosing a fast host with SSDs drive. Based on the tests, web pages/sites load 300% faster with SSD drive. Many hosting services provide SSD for free!

Important Features for Fast Hosting

  • Quadruple Redundant Network (QRN).
  • CloudFlare – dramatically speeds up and protects millions of websites, APIs, SaaS services and other platforms.
  • Instant Activation of Hosting/Server – it is very important to quickly set up hosting and run the site to get the first visitors.

In addition, choose not only a fast hosting/server, but also the smooth operation of the server with 99.9%. You need to be confident in your choice and ultra reliable performance!